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FTK, do you dispute the basic physics that we verify every time we launch something into space?

Keep in mind that we depend on accurate physics simulation for every launch. If we were even slightly wrong, things wouldn't work.

We just lobbed a large object to Mars, based on our simulations, and it arrived needing only a minuscule course correction. Do you have any idea how hard that is? I've done it in simplified simulations which don't take into effect many of the things NASA has to, and even then getting an initial trajectory that close is very hard. It is like hitting a speck of sand with a bullet from 200 miles away.

It is only possible because we know the physics involved very, very, well.

Walt Brown's theories require this physics to be very, very, wrong. Are you really disputing something so fundamental? Are you going to claim that this level of physics is controversial and there are two sides? Because there are none. Even the craziest UD poster is saner than that.

To rebut creationism you pretty much have to be a biologist, chemist, geologist, philosopher, lawyer and historian all rolled into one. While to advocate creationism, you just have to be an idiot. -- tommorris

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