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From FTK's review:
The Darwin camp acts as if the film damns Darwin, himself, for causing the Holocaust, and that is *not* what I came away with. Both Berlinski and Stein mentioned that Darwinism doesn’t by any means lead to Nazism or that Darwin himself would support what Hitler did, but rather that Hitler used the concept of natural selection to support his idea of a master race. He worked to maintain the purity of his race through eugenics programs and compulsory sterilization of the mentally ill and the mentally deficient. That is just part of history and something that we shouldn’t hide under the rug.

Here is something that I have been wondering about regarding the Darwin - Hitler connection that is one of the central themes of Expelled!:

Most Creationists, including FTK, claim to have no problem with random mutation and natural selection. Of course, most usually claim that it only leads to changes within a species, but they generally do not deny that it occurs in nature. (I've even seen Sal Cordova claim that Darwin "plagiarized" the idea from Edward Blyth!)

So how do they justify trying to pin blame for the Holocaust on Darwin's ideas while simultaneously accepting the basic phenomenon of natural selection?  Doesn't it seem inconsistent for someone to place blame for an atrocity on an understanding of natural phenomena while simultaneously affirming the validity of that understanding?

I guess it's probably naive for me to expect consistency from people who are just trying to smear those with whom they disagree, but I just can't help but be puzzled by this.

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