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McCain to speak to DI creobots today.

Now let's put my bias right out on the table.  Years ago I thought McCain might be cut from a different cloth, and thus worthy of consideration.  Since then I have come to know him as the scum bag, opportunistic poser that he is.  

He preaches creationism (aka "ID") should be a part of public science class and amongst other nutty ideas now believes the state should rule over a woman's reproductive system.

Let's hope his presidential bid goes down like Dimbski's latest carreer as a video artist.

From a Seattle Times Article Some critics of intelligent design called on McCain to cancel his appearance. The Discovery Institute, however, has a lesser role in the event than it has implied on its Web site, which says the institute is "pleased to co-present (McCain's appearance) with CityClub of Seattle and the Seattle World Affairs Council."

The council said it and CityClub are the "co-sponsors" in charge of the event. Council spokesman Hilbren Buys said the institute, one of 10 "co-presenters," is merely helping to promote it -- "sort of hopped on board and wanted this to happen. ... They put it on their Web site with a bit too much credit on their side."

What?  Are they suggesting the DI is being anything less than honest?

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