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Quote (lcd @ July 07 2008,08:28)
But hey, who was it that took 20 years in their last lab experiment?

Perhaps you are referring to Richard Lenski's E. coli experiment ?

FWIW, it isn't a single, 20 year long experiment. Rather, it's an ongoing study, which has produced many interesting results over that period. The most recent results were reported widely, including right here on PT.

These results (full text for many papers can be found on Lenski's site) may be directly relevant to your current attempt to state an ID hypothesis. In particular, you might want to consider how they relate to your ideas about information. He also has an interesting page of suggested reading on the history and philosophy of science, mostly focused on evolution and related conflicts.

If nothing else, the contrast between the output of a real evolutionary scientist and that of ID "researchers" may be instructive.

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