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It's not possible to be shouted down via text.  You can choose who and what to reply to with every posting of yours.  You chose to respond to the attacks, and you steered clear of the honest questions concerning science.  This is a telling sign.  If you were to respond to a science question of your choice, and have a vigorous discussion about, say, information, or went through a thorough demonstration of the explanatory filter, all of the evil Darwinists would be able to focus on the questions you did answer and not worry about the ones you didn't.

By the way, it is worth mentioning that the Theory of Evolution is an explanation for how life developed on this planet.  It's not a moral compass.  Nobody here is advocating culling the weak, or slaughtering the unfit.  Just like the Theory of Gravity explains why things fall towards earth.  It doesn't mean we should go around making things fall.  It's an explanation for how our universe works.  We don't have to help it any way.  It is what it is, and our morals are what they are.  Blaming mass murderers on Darwin is like blaming a bridge collapse on Newton.

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