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Quote (Wolfhound @ July 01 2008,16:17)
What the fuck is wrong with engineers?  Almost every time we get some flaming godbot spewing AIG crapola like it has some sort of value, it's an engineer.

I am also and engineer and I can assure you that you are not seeing a representative sample of engineers' views regarding science.

When you see that a high percentage of the creos are engineers and technicians, part of the explanation is that this is just the flip side of there being so few creo scientists. (Scientists, engineers, and technicians constitute a very high percentage of the people who care either way about the issues discussed here; they are the ones who like to have technical, or at least technical-sounding, explanations for things.)

When you see that there are so many more scientists than engineers arguing the pro-science side, it is simply because it is science that is under attack, not engineering. (To be consistent the creos should be going after engineering too, but that's another topic.)
Or do they call blocklayers "cement engineers" these days like garbage men are "sanitation engineers"?

Yes, that's part of it too.
To all of you engineers out there who are not asshats, you have my sympathy.

Rather than give us sympathy, just welcome us to the pro-science side of the argument. Engineers have a lot more in common with scientists than they do with IDists/creationists. Proper comparisons between Science, Engineering, and ID/Creationism actually undermine ID/Creationist positions.

Invoking intelligent design in science is like invoking gremlins in engineering. [after Mark Isaak.]
All models are wrong, some models are useful. - George E. P. Box

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