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Pardon me for being direct.  I don't post often, but I am amused when scientifically, philsophically and theologically untrained persons opine on science philosophy and theology all at once.  These people often hit the tridefecta, so to speak.

So, assuming this is a genuine question--

What would you take as evidence?  

An answer to the following question previously asked of you would be a good start.

Pick a single thing. Anything. It's up to you.

Show us

a) What ID or creationism predicts regarding that.
b) What "evolution" predicts regarding that.

And then show us why the answer is more accurate for A then B.

For example.

A global flood.

Creationism predicts that fossils will be found all mixed together due to the flood waters being chaotic, but with filtering by size (smallest to largest) when they settled and fossilized.

Evolution predicts that fossils will be found in chronological order, not size order.

How say you?

DS: "The explantory filter is as robust as the data that is used with it."
David Klinghoffer: ""I'm an IDiot"

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