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Cedric Katesby

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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 03 2007,00:37   

    Clearly what we have here is a failure to communicate.

You ask for my scientific arguments for ID, and you insist that unless the game is played on your terms, I can be dismissed.

Well, the fact that you at least acknowledge my request is heartening.  This business about 'the game' though is wierd.  I'm trying to have a discussion with you, like an adult.
When I went to university, my professor said to me "Hey Cedric, read this book and then argue about it".
So I'd read the book, form an opinion and then proceed to defend my opinion in tutorials with other students.
Having read  the book and saying that you like the book or found it convincing is a totally useless thing to say UNLESS you are then going to make an argument to defend your position.  Otherwise, what's the point???
You read a book? (Congratulations.  What do you want, a medal?)
Oh, you like the book?  (Isn't that cute. Yes the pictures are pretty.)
Ah, you found the arguments convincing?  ***Talk is cheap.  Prove it to me.***
You're happy to wax lyrical about your special metaphysical relationship with Life, the Universe and Everything.  (Actually, it's almost impossible to stop you!!) And yet...and yet...when I ask you about your version of a scientific argument for ID, you become all defensive and juvenile with your "I doan wanna play your silly game".
You came here to discuss ID and exchange ideas, yeah?
So, discuss them already.  Like grown-ups do.
If you don't actually have a scientific argument for ID, then do us all a favour and just say so.  I'll promise never to bring the subject up again.
If you like I'll provide you with some escape phrases.
"Can't do it because I'm too busy"
"Can't do it because I"m tired"
"Can't do it because I'm thirsy"
"Can't do it because I have a bus to catch"
"Can't do it because you are secretly in league with the Crab People"
"Can't do it beause there's something good on TV"
Don't worry, I'll be able to connect the dots from here.
For you to dismiss Denton's arguments in Nature's Destiny and Crisis as unscientific is idiotic.

How can I dismiss him if we haven't even discussed him yet?  Make an argument for crying out loud!  Use him as a resource.  In fact, please do if you you think it will support your argument.
I have not dismissed Denton.  OK?
Because we have not had an argument. OK?
We have not had an argument about ID (or Denton). OK?
Now, the red carpet is laid out for you.  Argue.  Make it interesting.

(Waits...whistles "Born Free" in quiet, tuneless sort of way...and waits....)

Oh I forgot.
What was I I'm waiting for?
Avo's list of 'My Favourite Books"?
Avo's explanation of "Where she's coming from?"
How about Avo's special recipe for blueberry pie? I don't think that was it...
Give me a second. I'll remember eventually.


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