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Cedric Katesby

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 30 2007,13:59   


The fact that Avocationist has received quite a bit of misinformation about how the world works is not justification for the continued stream of abuse that you're spewing out.  She has discussed the topic politely, and is trying to answer our questions, and does not deserve the personal attacks.

Couldn't disagree more.  She hasn't "received it" at all. She's willfully sought out crap, soaked it all up and got it all ass-backwards.  There's nothing polite about about Avo's obfuscatory blather.  Its rude and frustrating.  She doesn't "discuss the topic", she avoids scientific argument like the plague!
However, PLEASE prove me wrong.  See if you can get her to cough up her version of a scientific argument for ID.   Not much to ask really.  After all, she does support ID. She does believe in ID.  It's not like asking somebody to defend their position on a "scientific" issue with an off-the-cuff scientific argument is a  frikken revolutionary concept.  Just a couple of paragraphs would be nice.  Louis will buy you a drink if you succeed in getting her to do it.  I'll even  throw in some nachos to sweeten the deal, 'kay?  Good luck, you'll need it.
(waits....grinds teeth....and waits....)

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