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Cedric Katesby

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 25 2007,04:07   

Advocationist said...

As to your request that I put my theory in my own words, I consider that a silly time waster.

So, your own words are a "silly time waster"?  Gosh, you seem to have a very blunt self-assessment of yourself. ???
Does each of you have your own personal theory of evolution? would you feel called upon to improve upon, say, Mayr's def?

Avocationist, I'm not asking you to re-invent the wheel.  I'm not asking you to become a scientist and bury yourself in a lab for twenty years. I'm asking you to explain to me how YOU understand the "the scientific 'theory' of ID".
Once upon a time you presumeably didn't know about ID. Right?
But then you found out about ID? Yeah?
So you investigated the scientific theory of ID.
You perhaps read a book or two on the subject and checked out a couple of ID friendly web-sites.
After serious, level-headed research and reflection you found ID richly satisfying in a scientific sort of way (because as we all know ID is a scientific theory and DEFINITELY NOT a religious apologetics club full of people who don't know what they are talking about).
All correct so far?
Well, thats great.  You now subscribe to the Theory of ID, bully for you.
(Insert image of Dempski and DaveScot giving the "thumbs up"  as a sign of support in the background)

What I gave you was plenty of my own thoughts and ideas, as well as a quick run down of where I'm coming from, what I've read and considered important. You want to play a little game on your terms.

You gave me your thoughts and ideas? ...Ummm, OK...(?!?)
(To tell you the truth I'm kinda busy with my own thoughts and ideas.  How about I don't burden you with my thoughts and ideas and you extend me the same courtesy?)
You told me where you're coming from? ....Gee, umm (??) Ok, thanks..I guess. ???
Little game?
Advocationist, seriously, are you paranoid?
I'm trying to extend you every courtesy to hear what you have to say.  I gave you the scenario of the party because I thought it might help you state your case.
You are somebody who 'gets' ID.  You find it intellectually satisfying in a way that others here cannot understand.  I'm asking you to explain how it all works for you.  This being a science web-site and ID being a 'scientific theory' (insert queasy feeling in pit of stomach) I don't understand your coyness about you rattling off a few sentences on how you think the "theory of ID" works.

The bit about if I was at a party is actually a good way to put it, but I am not sure I'd bother at the party. I'd give a very vague rundown...

Oh, please, please, please bother. :p  Just for me!
Look, let me get you a fresh drink and one of those cheesy thing on a cracker!  Ah, here's a nice comfy chair for you to sit in and get comfortable.  Do sit down.  There, how's that?  So...this very vague rundown of yours...Sound absolutely FASCINATING!!!
Do tell me about all about this new scientific theory of ID.  Why, there was a news item about it on FoxNews only just last week!  As it happens, I remember a few of my science classes from high school so, go ahead and and hit me with what you've got. I'm all ears.

I don't have "my" theory of ID.

Oh, I know you didn't "invent" ID theory.  It's not like I saw you across the room and said to myself "Wow, there's the whole gang of the Discovery Institute stuffed awkwardly in the body of a woman at a party like some third-rate sci-fi movie".
But you do understand ID theory, right? After all, thats why you support it and contribute to ID blogs, yeah?
Ok, let's get started....
Oh no. That's OK.  You can tell me about your sources and reference books at some other party.  No need to give me a bibliography.  In your own words and at you own pace will be fine.  Feel free to use any scientific argument for ID that you choose.
Vague rundown, eh? Oh, I'm sure you're just being modest.  Go ahead, I'm all ears....
(waits patiently) :)

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