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Mike PSS

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 15 2007,15:06   

It was AFDave's continued practice of quote-mining to prove his points that turned his arguments into nothing more than grade school oneupsmanship.  A silly tactic that put me off replying to the rubbish he presented.

I won't attribute his tactics to mastery in anything (i.e. AFDave was not a "master of the quote-mined word" or "master of the creationist word definition").  In my eyes AFDave regressed as time went on.  His debating tactics were limited to begin with.  He presented hard data less and less as time went on.  When the board consistently beat his presented arguments to a pink mist time and time again then AFDave was left with nothing more than semantics and word games.  He dared not put forward any hard data to support his views because he knew the treatment that was in store for him.

I support steve in closing the thread, it wasn't adding anything to any discussion this forum is created for (it's impact to the forum was complete before UCGH I was finished).  And AFDave was duly warned to "improve" his game or face restrictions and/or limitations.  Unfortunately for AFDave, he couldn't improve or change his discourse so the threatened action was carried out to the letter.  I for one was hoping that AFDave could change his stripes, but he kept up his inane semantics and c&p crusade that didn't add any worthwhile discussion to the thread or to the board.

As for posting on the Bathroom Wall, at present I see the responders (troll feeders) as guilty as AFDave for the continued "discussion".  Treat AFDave on the Bathroom Wall like hereoisreal was treated on his own thread, ignore the itch and the itch should go away.  This tactic is unenforcable to everyone, but as more people stop responding then AFDave becomes more of a voice in the wilderness.

Does a creationist argument sound stupid if there is no one there to hear it?  Let's find out.

Mike PSS

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