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Malum Regnat

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 07 2007,20:33   

So tell me, O wise BWE ... what original thought have YOU had regarding Origins?  Have I been mistaken all this time?  I thought Darwin was the start of all these modern Evolution ideas and I thought it Tim Berners-Lee who invented the web at CERN.  Silly me!  All this time I should have known ... It was BWE and Al Gore!

Do not confuse the World Wide Web and the Internet.  The Internet started as a US Military research project and it was indeed Al Gore who, as a Senator, made sure the financing was available to grow the Arpanet into the Internet that now supplies the infrastructure for the World Wide Web.

This universe as explained by the 'other' Hawkins

Blah Hi-tech blah blah blah blah ... DESIGNED.
Blah Hi-tech blah blah blah blah ... NOT DESIGNED.


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