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Mike PSS

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 22 2007,23:18   

And Luskin takes only the "Larry King" approved line of questioning to peddle his propoganda.

Question (1): “Does the DI have any religious affiliation? (My understanding is DI is specifically neutral on religion and open to all scientific teaching and research regardless where the evidence leads)”

Question (2): “Has DI taken a stand on the enforcement of the 'church / state establishment' rules banning from public schools and colleges the teaching of evolution if it is being taught as a religion?”

Question (3): “When does teaching science cross the line from speculation to indoctrination?”

Question (4): “What kind of test can a teacher / parent / student use if they are trying to avoid being indoctrinated or being agents of religious indoctrination?”

Thoughtful and challanging questions that Mr. Luskin certainly had to tread carefully with his answers. :O

"Maybe I'll write some questions to Mr. Luskin.
Then he'll publish the answers for ALL to see."

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