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Dude, reach around to the back of your neck, just above the hairline.  You'll feel a small on/off switch.  Now, I know you can't see it, but it is labeled "brain on/off switch."  I don't know exactly how yours is set up, but from what you've contributed to this board so far I think we all can agree that yours is currently in the off position.  So flick the switch to the opposite position (I know your brain is still warming up from a long dormancy so I'll just tell you that the opposite of "off" is "on," which means you have just turned your brain "on."  Got it?).  OK, now that that's done, ponder my simple question:

How in the h3ll could anyone answer a question about a probability calculcation any more simply than saying,


Do you only recognize English statements that contain chapter and verse citations?

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