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I read the other day that UD is still de-listed from Google.  This proves some darwinist has managed to hack into the Google database and delete UD (thanks Dave Tard for that tip).

Furthermore have you noticed the search engine relevance Wikipedia has been getting on Google?  The Wiki article on Intelligent Design is now the first search result and Wiki articles on subjects liked William Dembski, Discovery Institute, etc all show up in the top 3 results.  More damning is the fact that the Wiki articles are pretty factual.

This proves Google is part of the Darwin conspiracy to strangle the infant in the crib as Bruce Chapman says.

Interestingly, MSN (a known virus owned by Bill Gates) also returns the Wiki article on Intelligent Design as the first search result.  Gates has donated money to the DI (Cascadia) and this suggests he did it just to fool them into thinking he was their pal because it now appears MSN and Google are both in cahoots to topple ID on the internet.

Then I searched "Intelligent Design" from Yahoo (another virus masquerading as a search engine) and the Wiki article was #1 there as well.  No telling how deep this anti-ID conspiracy goes!

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