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Mike PSS

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Quote (Steviepinhead @ Dec. 04 2006,17:11)
Uh, we need to start much simpler for stevie.  If I go to Wikipedia and search "avatar," I don't get a selection of samples, I get an article about avatars...!

Even if I find a sample image, where does it get hosted, how do I link it, etc., etc....

Remember the third and fourth syllables in the screenname!


First, find an image you like and copy the URL (a right-click on the image and opening 'Properties' will get you the image path from the middle of a web page).

Click on Your Control Panel at the top of the page.
Then click on Personal Info Tab.
Then click on Avatar Options.
At the bottom of that page is a place to paste the path of your avatar.
Select size (64x64 is max size) and click on the button below the path you just pasted.
Happy avatar.

I just inserted Patrick.gif as an example just now.
Mike PSS

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