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[quote=fnxtr,Nov. 30 2010,21:09][/quote]
Quote (Robin @ Nov. 30 2010,13:13)
Well slap me silly and call me Sally...I just discovered that the Disco Tute has an office right down the road from me! No joke. Here's a pic. At least this is the street view that corresponds to the address on their contact page.

Nice to see they clean your clothes while they dirty up your mind...

3213 or 3216? That strip mall is 3216; 3213 would be across the street by the Baja Mexican Grill.

Edit map reading skills.

The addy on the contact page is 3213, suite 812. I'll see if I can swing the camera around.



Not the best shot, but here it is. It's somewhere behind the tree, which for some reason seems appropriate to me.

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