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Mike PSS

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 03 2007,22:33   

Rich Uncle with a house on the Menomonie River.  He's got a camp inland too with all the UP toys.  Nothing but silence sometimes.  I try and get there once a year.

Tire chains needed this time.  Snow, then rain, then freeze left some tricky spots off the main roads.

Turned into a beer and wine fest for a few days.  Didn't have internet but for some reason didn't miss/remember it existed.  Must have been the 5th (or 8th) Stella.  At least we had DirecTV to watch the bowls.  I applaud Boise State; what a game.

I saw a few venison-on-the-hoof (along with a few other cuts) but no biggies.  More drinking than driving on this visit.

By the Way,
Happy New Year to All.
Even to you Dave.

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