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Mike PSS

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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 21 2006,08:06   

Quote (afdave @ Dec. 20 2006,18:57)
"You are all wrong about everything.  Completely.  Trust me.  I'm way smarter than you!"

Ahhh Dave.  You see, your arrogance got in the way of your sarcasm.  I only said....
Your wrong again.  You've been wrong every since you started this trainwreck of an argument (what... the fifth time this month, unlucky traveller or what).  I can show you exactly HOW you went wrong if I ever get this server to accept my stuff.


You see the difference?  I'm not stating any superiority of intellect or knowledge.  I'm only stating that I have the facts on my side and will show them to you.  I then ask that you "trust" based upon my past behaviour.

Now, you can NOT trust me and ask for the facts.  I indicated I have them and will present them if required (i.e. you not trusting me that my position is correct).  In fact, this is the same thing I did to you recently.  I stated that I didn't trust your word and needed you to present the facts that you based your statements.

Do you accept my trust and admit your wrong on this subject?
Do you NOT accept my trust and require further facts to SHOW you how your wrong on this subject?

Mike PSS

p.s.  Dave.  Notice that I'm not calling you a moron, a loon, a mendicant, a bashibazook (thank you Tintin), or a slavering maniacal control freak.  I'm not calling you any of these things.  Nor am I indicating that my intellect and logical reasoning is superior to yours.  Not doing that at all.

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