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I agree, deadman.  My conjecture wasn't intended as an insult (this time, I've certainly intended to insult davey on other occasions...).  I just really have to wonder.

It's one things for davey's claims to stand or fall on the basis of their evidence and logic--or *lack thereof*--but it's another for him to need point after simple point pounded tediously and excruciatingly into his head.

And to still repeat his same mantras, as if none of the points had ever been made, over and over again.

And, of course, there are healthy and less healthy ways to compensate or work around one's limitations.  Which admittedly we all have.

But re-enacting the ritual of returning to square one, again and again, like a tiger (or a ligon) retracing the same route in a cage...even when the door's been left wide open!  Never admitting your wrong, even about minor and irrelevant (and clearly demonstrated) matters.  The grandiosity and convictions.

Eh.  Sad, really, on some level.

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