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Mike PSS

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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 05 2006,10:36   

Quote (afdave @ Dec. 05 2006,10:57)
I am teaching kids and will be on a wider scale as time goes on.  So it is important to me to get this stuff right.

But teaching them that single celled organisms can evolve into higher organisms doesn't square with any reality that I have ever seen.

How about you?

Egads Dave,
What ARE you teaching these kids.

Rhetoric?  Obfuscation?  Quote Mining?  Selective Reading?  Statistical Manipulation?  Blissful Ignorance?

All these subjects you have shown your worth.  

But it seems you want to teach them other subjects like:

Biology?  History (non-Theological)?  Geology?  Physics?

It is these items you have shown a lack of understanding.  And you have YET to get things 'right' in your brain about how these things work.

Disagree?  Try me on one of these subjects then....

How about you?

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