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Mike PSS

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Quote (deadman_932 @ Nov. 07 2006,16:01)

For Dave to say that the Guarani of the Mato Grosso region of Brazil ( near PARAGUAY)  had gene flow with the Inca of Peru ( on the OTHER SIDE OF THE CONTINENT)...despite thousands of miles between them, thousands of enemies, no history of trading, no language similarities for communication and no lingua franca to use for trade or gene flow...well, that's hilarious. That's like saying the New York state Iroquois had stabilizing gene flow with the Navajo of Arizona WAVE THOSE HANDS, FLYBOY!!!!!

Sorry deadman,
I actually gave Dave this point in my present discussion of HLA-B gene presence.

No matter how wrong Dave may be in this, the data I presented are purely of a regional (continental) nature.  I'm sure we could seperate the different tribes from the continental regions, but in my case I actually group all the continental populations together as a single entity.

This doesn't change the fact that the Guarani AND the Inca originated through the land bridge of Alaska during the ice age.  AND the Guarani and Inca tested for the data table were aboriginal in nature to the region.  

It would actually be interesting for Dave to say....
"But the Guarani contributed 50 alleles and the Inca contributed another 50 alleles and the Tierra del Fuego indians another 50 alleles (etc. and so on)."

THAT would be some good tard.

Mike PSS

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