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Mike PSS

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 28 2006,10:50   

Quote (afdave @ Oct. 28 2006,09:29)
{snip-mined by Mike PSS}
All this brings up an opportunity to talk about Intuition and Common Sense.

We are all better off if more people use common sense.  

Our intuition should have driven us all to a search for the truth and for the source of the confusion.

...which is why we need to keep our telescopes and our microscopes and our calculators handy.  But this does not mean we should completely throw away our intuition.  Our intuition is quite valuable and many times steers us to the right answer.  We walk outside on an uncloudy day and feel heat on our skin.  Our intuition tells us that "Maybe the Sun is a burning ball of fire."  And it turns out that we are correct.

My intuition led me to question your own hypothetical assertions as they related to Isochrons.  And my Commen Sense led me to question how the UCGH handles HLA gene distribution while using the UCGH timeline.

What does your intuition and commen sense have to say in return?

You have'nt replied to my TIMELINE QUESTIONS.
Nor have you replied to my HLA INFORMATION that YOU ASKED FOR.

Mike PSS

p.s. Oh, and Dave....  stating that the Sun is a "burning ball of fire" implies combustion.  This statement would be misleading to others who may not understand cosmic plasma-nuclear *fusion (simplistically stated as E=mc^2).  A listeners intuition may lead them to believe in actual combustion (Hc of CnHn+O2 = CO2+H2O).  They would then come erroneous conclusions about the elemental content of the Sun and stars.  Just one of many rabbit trails that trusting in intuition can lead.

p.p.s.  Nor have you replied to my REFUTATION OF YOUR MIXING CLAIM.

*Edit:  Of course it's fusion, not fission.  I was reading about North Korea before I typed this.

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