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Richard Simons

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You really, really, really need to learn some basic genetics. You don't even need an entire course on genetics - a first year, one semester university course on introductory biology should contain enough. Then you won't keep babbling this nonsense about 'genetically rich' animals.

Trying to answer why there are fossils, you say 'I think God wanted to show the awful ETERNAL results of sin with a small reminder in the physical world--that is, suffering and death.' So what sin was Eohippus (or any other fossil) guilty of?

I'm enjoying your inability to grasp the concept of 'information' in information theory. My knowledge is weak, and I'm sure someone else could correct me if I'm wrong, but the way I see it is 'how much do you need to know to recreate the original?' In the case of human speech, relatively little. From the point of white noise, an awful lot to recreate the exact same white noise.

All sweeping statements are wrong.

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