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Mike PSS

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 22 2006,12:07   

I think Dave is trying to become a credible reference to the AIG/ICR crowd.  In light of the Dover trial he probably sent off an executive summary :O to the AIG folks with the idea that he would test the admittedly dated AIG website information against a well informed crowd.

He may have been in contact with some RATE guys before this thread and recognized that RATE II would fare less well unless some contraversial or convincing factoids could be included in the report (we are well past the promised date of publishing RATE II by the way).  Once Dave started rolling he hasn't stopped since our constant refutations of his ideas has made him dig deeper into the AIG cellar for information.  He has also become more particular on references (notice the recent APO-AIMilano) that seemingly support his case.  The fact that posters on this board blow away the arguments within minutes has to be disappointing to Dave.

Anyway, I think AIG may mildly appreciate his supply of information and treat Dave with a nod and wink, but I don't think they will be bothered to change their attitude too much.  Too much work to change or repaint your stripes.  A lot of their work is preaching to the same audience they have always preached to, so why change the message.
Quote (ScaryFacts Posted on Oct. 22 2006 @ 13:47)
His response made it obvious he didn't care about the facts.  Behe confirmed his faith and that's as far as he wanted to explore.

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