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Mike PSS

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 21 2006,13:28   

Welcome to the active posting club.
If your Hypothesis is correct and this is AFDave 'School for AIG debaters' then I don't hold AIG's recruiting methods in high regard. :p

From what I see, maybe Dave would score some points in a one hour debate style, but he would still lose a lot of points (and credibility) for some arguments that are refuted or challanged within minutes of him posting.  Deadman even refuted an AFDave post 17 minutes BEFORE AFDave made the argument (I wonder what the quantum probability for that is?).  More points off for style and we would have Dave losing most one-on-one debates.

The item I see lacking in most of these posts is logic.  It seems that Dave can grab claims and throw them at this board to try and make them stick but the claims don't logically fit.

My two cents,
Mike PSS

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