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Mike PSS

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Quote (afdave @ Oct. 20 2006,09:53)
A pair of dogs/wolves on Noah’s Ark couldn’t have produced all dog varieties today?

This article illustrates what I have been saying for some time now in my Creator God Hypothesis ... that all sexually reproducing animals and humans could have easily descended from two genetically rich parents, genetically rich meaning nothing more than "in the middle of the Punnet square" or "significant heterozygosity" or "average of their kind" and (in Adam and Eve's case) also free from mutations.

Different alleles of the various genes have simply arisen by mutation of EXISTING genes.  If one wants to be obtuse and call this "genetic richness" ... well, I guess you can call it what you want ... I call it deterioration, just as a 5th generation copy made on a Xerox copier would be of much lower quality than the original.

This article also illustrates the common MIS-understandings among evolutionary biologists regarding the origin and diversification of species.  Note Don Batten's bio at the bottom -- this utterly refutes the notion that creationist scientists cannot operate in the real world.  On the contrary, they are BETTER equippped to operate in the real world because their theories are more consistent with the evidence in the real world.

Evolutionary biologists are so blinded by the crippling views of Darwinism that a lowly Electrical Engineer like myself can refute many of their erroneous ideas with only a little study.

If the native americans have the same number and type of alleles expressed on the HLA gene (was it 500? for HLA-A) as south-asians, europeans, and africans (along with aboriginal australians) how did they acquire this number of mutations (490) in only 250 years (between the end of the UCGH flood and the end of the UCGH ice age) if you could only have 10 alleles from the survivors of the flood?

The native american population was ISOLATED from the rest of the world population from the end of the UCGH ice age to Columbus in 1492 (yeah, I know, Lief Ericsson in Labrador in 1100's but the geographic impact of that settlement has been measured and documented).


Mike PSS

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