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Cedric Katesby

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 18 2006,21:34   

AFDave, is it OK to bear false witness?
You're a Christian (or so you say) so where do you stand on lying?
The majority of your material comes from AIG.
Yet they've lied to you about the article.
Here's whats happened...
Either you sent the e-mail or you didn't.
If you didn't send the e-mail, then you are a liar.
If you did send the e-mail, then AIG just brushed you off and willfully continue to misrepresent the truth.
So AIG are liars even to a 'true believer' like you.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
If you want to pretend to ignore my questions and those of other posters to this thread, then go ahead.  Such behaviour reflects badly upon you.  If you can't come up with answers to questions that even a child could understand, then what are you trying to prove here?

Nobody cares if you are a Creationist or not, AFDave.
Enough with the "Oh woe is me, I'm a martyr" song and dance.  It's an old trick and nobody is going to fall for it.
If you've had a hard time here then it's because you exasperate people with your poor attitude and ignorance.  You don't construct valid arguements, you repeat failed arguements like a Buddist mantra,  your sources are either dopey or woefully outdated by 40 to 100+ years.
???  etc.
I mean, really, is this how you want people who read this thread to view people like you?
Are you proud of your conduct?
Are you man enough to talk straight and to admit that AIG is a false friend to your cause?

(Arden is correct by the way.  The Portugese thing was born of your own pig-headedness.  A simple admission that you got it wrong and that you'd like to move on with the debate to other issues would have allowed the matter to end there.  Even now, a modest dash of humility would not be too late.  What do you reckon? Fair enough?)

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