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Cedric Katesby

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 11 2006,21:09   

AFDave said : "Cedric ... I already contacted them and linked to the relevant thread.  Does this thread move too fast for you?"

No doubt, no doubt it moves too fast.
So exactly when did you contact them?
Enlighten me please.

(and now for the BIG question, boys and girls)

Did AIG actually remove the article? Yes or No?

Actions speak louder than words, AFDave.

AFDave said :"Now, why don't you and Cory and Russell do as I have done and contact all the thousands of organizations out there that are lying about Common Descent being a proven fact and tricking poor guys like Eric and Jeannot who believe this nonsense.  OK?  Thanks.  Please report back to me with their response. :-)"

Sure, just as soon as you present scientific evidence on how all these thousands (millions??) of organisations are lying.
So far, all that you have presented on this thread is a staggering display of willfull ignorance that is matched only by you arrogance and pride.
No doubt you'll have me sending e-mails off to NASA telling them how they're a bunch of liars..And of course  every single oil company in the world... Plus every single science department in every single university across the planet...And all those pesky DNA specialists, and all those glaciologists...and all those physicists etc.  (The Grand "Deep Time" Conspiracy and all that.)
I dunno, AFDave.  Call me lazy but it seems a lot to ask of me.
All that work just because you 'supposedly' sent off one lonely e-mail to AIG.
AIG lied/erred and EVEN YOU had to admit it.
Will you hold their feet to the fire?
When they brush you off, (and of course they will) what will you conclude?
Do you seriously believe that a true Christian must be guileless and not bear false witness?
You talk the talk, WALK THE WALK! :angry:

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