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Cedric Katesby

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 11 2006,15:48   

Also, Cory.  Why didn't YOU contact AIG if it is such a big deal to you?

Let's be honest about this shall we?
You're not going to hold AIG's feet to the fire, are you?
They've lied, obfusticated, made a boo-boo (yeah, yeah whatever).
You're not going to call them to task about it.
Why on earth not?
I mean they're Christians aren't they? So are you!
If you point out the error of their ways they'll do the right thing and correct their article on their web-site in double-quick time...right?
Because a real Christian does not bear false witness, right?
Because a real Christian fights the good fight with facts and 100% TOTAL HONESTY, right?
Only the 'bad guys' play dirty pool.'re not going to contact them.
And we both know why...
..'Cause then you would have to deal with the reality of them totally ignoring you and merrily continuing to post the error/lie on their web-site.
So, a week or so after you've sent your ever-so polite e-mail about the error/lie, it'll  dawn upon you that the folks at AIG don't give a toss about honesty or fair dealing.
Which then means that....(...well, you can guess the rest...)
Don't contact them AFDave!
A brush with reality with one of your own lot would probably be too painful.

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