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Cedric Katesby

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 11 2006,08:53   

Why did lungfish stop evolving?

AFDAve, listen up.  There is no "off-switch" to evolution.
A species doesn't go "Oooo, I like the way I look now.  That tail of mine is just perfect now! I think I'll stop evolving". That's not the way it works.
Evolution is an endless 'arm-race' for survival.  Survival against the ever-changing elements and other animals that want to either take over your habitat or make you the next item on the menu.
There is no touch down, no finishing line, no step ladder of "progress".  The rule is "whatever works baby".
Take legs for example.  Seriously, think about this for a second, OK?
Are legs better or worse than no legs?  Is a creature with legs "more evolved" or "less evolved" than a creature without legs?
If you can figure this one out then you might just begin to have a glimmer of understanding what evolution is all about.  The strawman version of evolution you've got is just born of ignorance.
I can't wait for you to say "If Man came from monkeys, then why are there STILL monkeys???"

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