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Cedric Katesby

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Quote can I be sure that no plants would have survived 40 straight days of alternating water and lava tsunamis...
...oh yeah, because I have a brain!

Oh, thats easy.  They were all just little baby seeds that went onto the Ark.  Two of each "kind".
Flower ''kind" and "tree" kind.  Probably would have taken up as much room as a matchbox.  Four seeds in total.  No need for spares, since God's plan after the flood would have guaranteed germination.  But what about mushrooms, you ask?
Simple!  Fungii of all sorts were protected by natural floating logs that had stuff growing inside them.  A forest's naturally made life-boat.
Also coconuts float on the sea for months, SO THERE!

Somebody else here has mentioned syphillis.  Who in the family had it?
It was the donkey "kind", (the male actually!;) ).
Not a human member of the Noah family at all.
Venereal diseases of all kinds were originally borne only by donkeys for most of human history.
But then...many decades after the Fludde...a lonely donkey seller decided to get himself a piece of ass and... :(

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