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Cedric Katesby

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 09 2006,08:03   

Cedric ... one HUGE difference between a Bond novel and the Book of Genesis:  the writer of the Bond novel never claimed it was actual history ... it was labeled fiction from the start.  The writers of Genesis, on the other hand, ALWAYS claimed that their accounts were actual history ... note the recurring phrase "these are the 'toledoths' of ...", a 'toledoth' being a family history.  See my blog article here ...

So, if Ian Fleming claimed that his novels were the real deal but only the names had been changed. then....?
You'd trust his books as real history???
What say you on the Book of Mormon?
That claims to be divinely inspired and has all sorts of wierd things about a bronze-age civilization in America long before Columbus.  Willing to trust that?
(insert shiver of disbelief here)
As for quote-mining stuff about "there ain't no transtional fossils", please, give it up now.  It didn't work a hundred years ago, it sure as heck won't work now! ???

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