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Mike PSS

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 06 2006,08:49   

You still haven't replied to my summary (or a reply I gave you to questions you had).  I'm getting discouraged.  Is my summary one of the cases where
Anyone with any sense of ethics at all knows that "Unanswered Questions {not}= Unanswerable Questions."

All you have to do is let me know if/when/how you'll address these points.  You can even call "time-out" from this subject and we will freeze all discussion where it stood (i.e. that you were still trying to answer a valid refutation of your assertion so the present prevailing views on Isochrons are correct).  I don't declare your assertions invalid, just not supportable to any other point you make.  In other words you can't claim your "mixing" argument in any other posts unless you address the summary and reply I made.

I tried reading through your recent post but my mind started spinning a little with the amount of CD (cognitive distance in this case) present.  You do have a way of mixing your assertions all over the place.  I had an image of you speaking while doing this

Just a word of advice.  Keep your arguments a little more focused and not all over the map.  I have a good argument FOR your hypothesis that I think I'll share with you soon.

As you like to say... hopefully tomorrow. :D

Mike PSS

p.s.  You addressed a question in your last post to me.  It wasn't from me.

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