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Mike PSS

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Quote (Grey_Wolf_c @ Oct. 05 2006,13:36)
Finally, Dave, you are mixing two things. I have not yet tried to prove that ToE is correct, I'm only trying to explain to you what ToE claims. You may agree or disagree with ToE, but you're still misrepresenting it. ToE says that all fishes and humans are equally distant from bacteria, and that bacteria are equally distant from snails and worms and birds and humans.

You may think it is stupid, but you have brought to the discussion the evidence that it is right. And you have been told the reason why it is so, according to the ToE. And this has been part of the ToE since Darwin, and no amount of you saying that "The ToE says that fish are closer to bacteria than humans" is going to change the reality of what the ToE says - which is that humans and fishes are equally distant from bacteria.

Hope that helps,

Grey Wolf

And this has been the strawman that AFDave has been flailing at since the start of this Denton fiasco.

I didn't post those straw pictures for nothing.

Calling your argument a strawman is not a denigration.  It only means that the argument isn't addressing the real target (in this case ToE) but some made-up target (Denton's interpretation of the ToE).  I wish you would address this mistake and refine your argument.  In fact, you should argue about what your UCGH says instead of what the ToE supposedly doesn't say.

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