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Mike PSS

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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 29 2006,08:04   

I see you restate your case about mixing lines about Rb/Sr whole rock Isochron graphs.          
Quote (afdave @ Sep. 29 2006,09:09)

Mike PSS ... I have not claimed much of anything about mineral isochrons yet, other than the quotes from EB that show how "selective" one must be to get concordance.  Neither I nor Arndts nor Overn have claimed that whole rock isochrons only form a single point. We have only claimed that you (Deep Timers) cannot show that they are not merely mixing lines.  Combine this fact with the fact that discordances are the rule not the exception, and what do you have?  Well, you have ...

a) radioactive decay has indeed occurred
b) it is not a reliable indicator of true age

Now if you would like to show me how this is false and explain to me why mineral isochrons are the "magic bullet" that really show a true age for the earth, fine.  Be my guest.  

And at the end of your post.  

Mike PSS...            
How crystallised olivine, originating from a homogeneous source, that contains Rb and Sr constituents can be tested using the Rb/Sr whole rock Isochron method and result in a data set forming a linear relation.
No disagreement here.  I just don't think it proves Deep Time.  As for my claims, you got one of them very close to right, but the other is wrong.  Now ... convince me of something if you can.

I'm not talking about time or ages or "millionofyearsism", only the Isochron sample data in a linear relationship.  I even posted a warning to you but you ignored it.  Please review this  again.  Especially the WARNING.

Since you agree to the statement then I can begin my "executive summary" in another post.

ALSO, since you said one of my claims was almost right but the other was wrong, please reply and correct my claims to correctly reflect your stance on this issue.  Fill in the claims that reflect YOUR stance on the Rb/Sr Isochron method.  It won't change my stance but may change some of the examples I use.
1) Dave and mixing (please elaborate)
2) Dave and whole rock data linearity (please elaborate)

Mike PSS

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