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Quote (guthrie @ Oct. 05 2006,10:30)
I'm sure we'd all like to see his scientific evidence for cosmological design.

i.e. meaning that you dont have to believe it is right for it to work.

Not trying to argue or defend Heddle, but why would you need to see the evidence?  I don't think Heddle is trying to peddle his ID notions to school boards and high school science classrooms.  Who cares what sort of evidence he uses to support/compliment his faith?

Sure he's come here and to PT to argue his case with notions that are fuzszy, but is he writing dishonest books to be used in high school curricula?  Is he pretending the designer could be a space alien (wink wink)?  

But most importantly is he tring to manipulate what is considered science in public school rooms?  If the answer is he's doing none of those Dembski/DI tactics than who cares what his evidence is.

Seriously.  From reading his blog he seems to be a devout Christian who thinks there is something to this ID stuff and enjoys talking about it and often argueing about it.  Where's the crime?

Yeah, I'd take a thousand Heddle's over one lying Dembski.


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