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What septic, aftard and the other maroons seem to overlook is that evidence wins in science, period.  Nonsense might get some initial attention but in the end the best evidence wins.  Not the bible, not flowerly freshman philosophy nonsense, but evidence.  

The IDC camp has yet to put forth anything remotely scientific (evidence based) while they all whine about the so called "dogma" of science not letting the IDiots play in the same sand box.

Look at King Loser Bill Dembski.  It's been months (6?)  since Kitzmiller, where is the new evidence or scientific experiments they claim are going on and being tested?  Hey Dembski show us your latest ID research that is scientific, evidence based that no one will publish.  Post it on your stupid blog and let us read it, no need to wait for peer review.  Let's see your scientific evidence for ID that no one will publish and we'll judge it for ourselves you big cry baby.

All Dembski does is cry like a little baby because no one takes his nonsense seriously, and no one at UD seems to care that the IDiots have yet to produce a shred of evidence or anything testable.  Does randy, aftard, septic care that the IDiots have yet to produce ANYTHING scientific?  Of course not.  They're too busy pretending to be biology experts and telling real biologists here that they are clueless.

If septic was an actual skeptic he'd be asking Dembski to show some beef over at UD.  He'd be asking Dembski to provide some legitimate scientific evidence for ID.  But no, he's too busy playing biologist here with real biologists while pretending he's a "skeptic".  That's called ass clownery in my book.

I cannot stand the likes of septic, aftard ("I hope you find jesus before it's too late!") and the other semi literate retards that pollute this forum with their anti-science garbage and endless whining about persecution and victimhood.  But I sure get a kick out of reading their daily cry baby nonsense.  

And as far as my potty mouth goes, stop acting like babies and get a thick skin like the rest of us (aka grow up).



Uncommon Descent is a moral cesspool, a festering intellectual ghetto that intoxicates and degrades its inhabitants - Stephen Matheson

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