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Paley exposes his ideas in this post, however.  And it's something that I think is worth discussing.  Now, I haven't seen Hostel, but the previews make it look dark and disturbing.  Paley is attempting to connect the depravity of the characters/situations with evolution.

I for one, am curious as to where he gets these ideas.  Why does he think that people take their morals and ethics from a scientific theory?  Further, how does he know which scientific theory they got their morals from?  Perhaps they were angry heliocentrists.  Disillusioned general relativists?

Let's face it, this meme is a dangerous one.  Paley is attempting to conflate a lack of morals with a trust in the scientific method.  He, of course, uses the subtle propaganda method of mentioning these ideas (without backing any of it up) and hoping that people that read such drivel won't think about it on their own.  It's amazing how easily people are swayed by ideas like this.  Especially in the bible study group Paley attends, where he is clearly the dominant, intelligent, and influential leader.  I'm not suprised that he would stoop to such levels, but I'm no less disappointed.

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