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Question: Which Creobot is Dumber :: Total Votes:56
Poll choices Votes Statistics
Skeptic 1  [1.79%]
Ghost of Paley 1  [1.79%]
AFDave 39  [69.64%]
none of them hold a candle to Salvador 15  [26.79%]
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(Permalink) Posted: June 06 2006,01:10   

Well, apparently viewing the results before voting bars you from participation, but I'd like to throw in a vote for Salvador.

Not particularly on the basis of his intellect, I don't know him well enough to come to a conclusion on that, but on the basis of the time he spent the best part of a week explaining Shannon information one slooow step at a time to a maths undergrad, and then more or less burst into tears when the response was "yeah, and your point is?"

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