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Quote (rusty_catheter @ June 06 2006,04:29)
I think it may be more useful to examine questions like "why do YECs become engineers?" and extend it to include the other applied disciplines (such as medicine, dentistry etc.) with little interest in dissecting and extending theory. Any disproportionate representation of YECs in these fields is probably more due to existing predisposing properties of YECs and their backgrounds.

I suspect that their backgrounds, on average, place considerable emphasis on good education and good jobs. The fundies I knew at school were definitely swots, even if not bright. Engineering does not require learning great swathes of info and theory contradicting dearly held beliefs, and pays well. Tithing in fundamentalist churches confers conspicuous social benefits, and is less burdensome to the well employed. Without necessarily implying that YECs are involved in a conspiracy to do well (dastardly!;) there is perhaps a social matrix and community network operating that encourages just such an uncontroversial outcome more consistently than otherwise.


I think it may be more useful to examine questions like "why do YECs become engineers?"

I have noticed a propensity for academically-inclined YECs to focus on more practical, even vocational subjects rather than, say, number theory. I suspect that this is because, if they feel like getting a deep understanding of how things work, they already feel they know where to go. They lack the "theory itch" that drives mathmos and scientists, and as such tend to go into subjects that involve applying knowledge rather than generating it.

Sound plausible?

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