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creeky belly

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I've heard Mallet's arguement before, there is nothing outright that could refute it, and like the article says, with the onset of a quantum theory of gravity we may have a better idea of how that might work. There have been many gedanken exercises to this effect, such as the shadow of a bug on the lens of a projector.

I think I understand what you mean by information space now, and you're describing perfectly what the Bell Inequality refutes. You're describing what we would call a "hidden variable" theory, and there have been numerous experiments that have refuted this point, mostly inspired by Bell's inequality. This really goes to the core of why quantum mechanics breaks down on a macroscopic level, since quantum mechanics is inherently non-local.  Take for instance the wave function of two particles, Y(x1,x2,t) or F(p1,p2,t) if you'd prefer momentum space. When you calculate the wavefunction for the particles, what you get cannot be decomposed into a function that is the product of wavefunctions of the individual particles; Y1(x1,t)Y2(x2,t).

Your model still does not explain, theoretically or quantitatively, any reason for an earth centered universe. We've already dealt with the classicality of band structures and Coulomb potentials for massive objects. You understand that the potential for the Sun is a factor of 6 larger than the earth (the concept of a center of mass for the sun/earth system). You've done nothing to refute Focault's pendulum, or address the Mach/Einstein rotation arguements. So maybe we could start at the top of the grocery list with why the earth isn't rotating. This should be priority one.

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