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I will soon be posting a detailed analysis of GoP's model which will completely demolish it and destroy his "credibility."  Keep a look out for this tour de force on, um, Thursday.  No, make it Friday.  Actually, I have a lot of work to do and I won't be getting to it until next week.  But really, it's almost ready to post, just needs a little polishing, definitely have it by the end of the month.  No later than middle of August at the latest.  So watch out Paley, by September 1st at the very very latest, you will be humiliated and discredited.  Unless something comes up, in which case count on a firm date of sometime this fall, early winter at worst.  Barring illness.  Or act of FSM.  And it goes without saying, if a hurricane hits the mainland US in 2006 I will be somewhat delayed, so you can be sure that a total deconstruction of your specious claims will be in the offing by 1/1/07, rock solid, not a minute later than that.  (This schedule assumes 4 built-in snow days and does not account for flooding, tornadoes, visitation of earth by aliens, or the return of Jesus Christ in a rusty red '78 Datsun pickup truck.  These events, or anything else, like my being completely bereft of ability to provide the information I am promising, may push back the scheduled date of arrival.) So watch out, Ghost, your days are numbered.

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