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creeky belly

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I'm confusing nothing. I know methane's molecular formula; in fact, I use the molecule as a prime example of tetrahedral/tetrahedral bonding when I help the neighborhood kids with their chemistry. I was talking about the forces between molecules (Van der Waals forces, etc). That's why I used terms like "band gap" and "conduction bands", two phrases that apparently have no meaning for you. Perhaps you need to consult with that materials sci guy down the hall after all. And of course, you missed my main point, which is self-evident on this site.

Which of course has nothing at all to do with gravity or scale invariance. You're still characterizing the E/M interactions of atoms as if macroscopic interaction of matter with the force of gravity are the same thing.  They're not. Tell me the gravitational conductivity of a hammer, or a planet. Explain to me the valence band of a planet. Show me the Van der Waals interactions of a pile of rocks.

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