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(Permalink) Posted: June 25 2006,12:38   

Let me get this straight.  GoP would have us believe that he can present a convincing model of a geocentric, geostationary universe, but we're supposed to wait until Tuesday for the next installment.  Hmm.

If he hasn't worked it out yet, how does he know it's a viable model?

If he has worked it through already, why do we have to wait until Tuesday?

I can see why you're all waiting spellbound for the next installment of his bu11sh!t.

He's laughing at your credulity even as you think you're circling like wolves, waiting to tear him to pieces.  The sport is making you all think he believes this crap.  Why waste your time?  Let me guess, if you don't argue with his silliness "the lurkers" are liable to think there may be something to his BS.  Come on.

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