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Crabby Appleton

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(Permalink) Posted: May 31 2006,22:55   

Well I for one will not try to read every entry in every thread before I post, as a newb it would take too long. I WILL try to read every entry in a thread before I post though. I did actually make it all the way through AFDave wants you to prove... before I looked at his blog and said, hmm, this Bozo is trying to blow smoke up my butt.

I DON'T like smoke blown up my butt. How can I knock his red nose off?

All of his ID assertions had been SMOTHERED before I came here so I had to call him on what I could.

T-38 hot shot, yeah, it's a minor accomplishment. Then what? It's not like he peed on the moon or splashed 2nd rate Libyan pilots over the Med!

I made some mistakes (see how easy it is to do Dave?), the B-2 wasn't in service when he finished Phase 3 so he couldn't have been in that pipeline (What did you ask for Dave? The truth shall set you free!;) and you don't always get what you want in the military even IF you graduate at the top of your class.

How likely is it that Dave was top of HIS class?

Dave, UH-1 Huey, Dewey and Lewey managed to outwit Donald, can you?

I honestly believe Daves problem is the thought that his mother shares common ancestry with the other apes. Sit back, peel a banana and THINK about it Dave.

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