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It seems that the ToE would actually PREDICT continual brain sophistication (oops ... there's one of those evil "directional" words) ... er, shall we say, er ... I'm at a loss ... anyway ... ToE should predict continual brain sophistication so that at some point there may actually be some kind of Super Homo Sapiens species who might be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, play 100 simultaneous chess games, memorize large books in minutes, etc, etc.

What a maroon.

Everything has a cost.  Bigger brains, among other things: 1) Consume more energy, requiring more food intake/metabolic processing and generating more heat that needs to be dissipated; 2) Take up more space, requiring tradeoff with other critical skull-based systems and/or making the head larger, affecting balance and needing more robust bodies to support the weight--as well as increasing the chance of accidental damage; 3) Require more developmental complexity, creating more things that can go wrong, larger maternal pelvises (ever watched a human birth?  $hitty 'design' there, huh?), etc., etc.  If all of these factors don't add up to an organism that survives and reproduces more effectively in its environment than the original model, the bigger brain doesn't happen.

afdave is/was supposedly an engineer.  I don't know what he worked on, but an automobile-industry engineer with his moronic mindset would churn out designs for cars with ever bigger and more powerful engines, proposing 20,000-HP monsters that would weigh 30 tons, cost millions of dollars and travel like rockets down the freeway, consuming hundreds of gallons of gas per minute, impossible to control.  That model wouldn't sell and would become extinct, as would his job.

He really doesn't think at all, does he.

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