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Tom Ames

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(Permalink) Posted: May 05 2006,03:27   

I'd recommend that anyone with a real interest in this poke around on some of the online tools for biologists.

An example: the "Synteny Viewer" for yeast shows gene direction and order for genes in 4 species of budding yeast. (Note that the divergence among these species is MUCH greater than thet separating humans and other great apes.)

This link is to a small region of  chromosome 11 in yeast. Some genes have arrows poining to the left, some to the right. This indicates the direction of transcription which, again, is independent of the direction of replication. If you browse around you'll also notice massive evidence of the kinds of chromosomal rearrangements that AiG seems to think should be problematic.

(Alan: I'm not quite sure what you mean by "master strand" or its degree of being "continuous". Sorry.)

And to AFDave: keep in mind that AiG has not simply been shown to be wrong in this instance. We didn't "get one over on AiG once in many years". The claim that AiG made was shown to exhibit such a depth of fundamental ignorance about molecular biology as to demolish ALL credibility of the people making it. They might as well have claimed that the sun orbits the earth. They aren't just being refuted. They've demonstrated either profound stupidity or stunning mendacity.

All claims from AiG should be seen in this light. By passing them on, you're sharing in AiG's reputation.

-Tom Ames

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