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Mike PSS

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Quote (afdave @ Sep. 18 2006,13:34)
[snip] So here's where we are in our study of the Isochron Method of dating rocks ... we have looked at a hypothetical set of charts which are very good because they really help you understand the logic.  And yes, they are from the RATE books.  (But don't buy them ... they might destroy your comfy worldview)  We are looking at whole rock isochrons first, then we will look at mineral isochrons.  Jon is correct that (at least from this real world example) the assumed Initial Daughter Ratio is closer to 0.7 for the Rb/Sr analyses.

We might just as well continue our discussion with this real world example. [snip]

AFDave, I have a couple questions.  You brought up a graph showing the Isochron of chondritic meteorites.

If this data was from whole rock Isochron analysis, why do we get a linear relationship instead of a scatter of single points?

Why are there no data points between the Rb/Sr ratios of (approx.) 1.0 to 1.3? ???

This graph doesn't seem to jive with what Overn and Arndts are arguing.

Mike PSS

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