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Cedric Katesby

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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 13 2006,16:36   

AF Dave says        
But how are we doing in the world at large, you may ask?

Glad you asked ...

...and then proceeds to post an article about the Pope and the Vatican.
Then we get...
There's another billion plus people you can throw in the ring in favor of creationism.

Only a billion? Hey, let's make it a billion, billion and I'll even throw in my big sister! (how's that for generosity! )
But how do numbers of people believing in something make that something true?
Surely, your 'hypothesis' requires ***EVIDENCE*** to support it, ( not poll numbers, not surveys, not a round of applause at an ol' timey church meeting).  Less blather and cute pictures.  Evidence please.

You know AF Dave, you really should register at  They need your guidance. :)
At theologyweb they have this little gem...    
The calibration curves shown above come from CalPal - the University of Cologne Radiocarbon Calibration Program Package. It's one of the premier C14/C12 research facilities in the world.

Radiocarbon dating is an extremely well known and well researched branch of science. It is one of the backbones of archaeology, especially paleoarchaeology. The scientist who pioneered it, Willard Frank Libby, won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1960 for his work. Today there are over 130 labs worldwide providing radiocarbon dating services, doing millions of dollars in business. The science even has its own peer-reviewed journal, Radiocarbon, to keep up on the latest developments.

Creationists groups like AIG and ICR provide morons like Jorge with C&P fodder as they try to claim C14/C12 dating is innacurate and invalid, but they can't deal with the multiple independent lines of C14 calibration.

They can make up some unsupported fantasy about C14/C12 ratios being 100x different
They can make up some unsupported fantasy about C14/C12 decay rate being not constant
They can lie about trees growing 10 rings a year instead of 1
They can lie about all the ice core samples being off by greater than a factor of 10.
They can lie about all the ocean core samples being off by greater than a factor of 10.
They can lie about all the lake varve samples being off by greater than a factor of 10.
They can lie about all the cave deposits being off by greater than a factor of 10.

But what they can't begin to rationalize away is how all these independent calibration methods agree with each other almost exactly.

Even if we accept Jorge's bellyaching about low level background C14 contamination being some sort of problem for dates older than 70,000 YBP, please note that all C14 dates up to 50,000 YBP are still accurate.

That pretty much blows Jorge's '6000 year old earth' YEC claims out of the water, doesn't it.

- Tiggy

and one of the follow-ups was very interesting...
Quote: Originally posted by Splint

But with YEC philosophy, Jorge must dismiss this result even though the evidence is overwhelming, and instead, be none the wiser. (Errr! Sorry.) All because of one misused, inappropriate or fumbled process or intentionally misinterpreted results thereof which may prove to a Young Earther that measuring the weight of Jorge’s brain is impossible.

What you are describing is the basic YEC argument technique against ANY science that supports ToE

1. Comb the scientific literature, find a single outlier among the hundreds of thousands of pieces of otherwise corroborating positive data.
2. Don't investigate the cause for the anomaly and reject any scientific reasons for the outlier.
3. Scream bloody murder that the single piece of outlier data somehow negates the other hundred thousand pieces of positive evidence.

It's old, it's boring, it's bland - but it still seems to work among the scientifically illiterate YEC mouth breathers (like Jorge) who are desperate for anything to prop up their literal Bible beliefs.

- Tiggy

Remind you of anyone you know, AF Dave?
Looks like there are some Christians that are playing footsie with the Devil over there!  :O
Just imagine how many brownie points you'll get with your God if you manage to guide them away from 'millionsofyearsism'.
Put your new-found 'scientific wisdom' to good use.
Go get 'em Tiger, we're all pulling for you!  :)

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